Welcome to Middle Age

This website is dedicated to all of us who are convinced that middle age is neither the beginning nor the end of life, but exactly what it is, the middle of life. We understand that a midlife crisis is really a midlife opportunity. But for most of us, middle age is poorly defined, poorly understood, and feared. When we decide we're middle-aged, it's with resignation, not pleasure. That's not simply a misunderstanding, it's wrong and potentially damaging to you now and in your future. There's one nice thing about middle age, you don't have to be like everyone else. You're old enough to know that and young enough to act on it.

I have begun a series of very informal short "conversational" videos at YouTube and the one below is the first. If you want to be notifed of future videos, just subscribe at my YouTube channel where I have videos on a wide range of topics. Subscribing does not obligate you to anything, but you will receive notifications of future videos.

Definition - For starters, when or what is "middle age"?
Retirement Bubble - Avoiding a potential disaster.
Danger of Drowning - Dealing with emotions in a midlife crisis.
Wake Up! - Coming to terms with your body successfully.
Ten Insights from Middle-age - We learn a few things along the way.
The Importance of Failure - Failure is not the opposite of success.
Men-Women-Marriage - The biggest midlife crisis.
In Our Prime - An interview with Patricia Cohen.
Time versus Age - You have a lot more time than you think.
Starting Over - A model for a starting new career or a new life.
Advice - Taking our own advice is sometimes the best.
A Profile of the 40's - A site visitor's submission.
Ten Irritations of Middle-age - It ain't all fun and games.
How We Age - A major study of 1200 people over 43 years.
Just for Fun - Simple games for complicated days.
The Quest and the Crisis - A site visitor's poem.

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