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Men, Women, and Marriage

If you and your spouse just had a fight, you may start asking yourself why you married him or her. That would actually be a normal reaction, especially if you let your emotions get the better of you. It is always best to be calm at all times, since you might do or say something that you would regret later on.

A happy marriage does not mean that a husband and wife do not disagree and sometimes even fight. It simply means that they know how to go with the flow of things, and they know how to take care of their relationship. If you think that your marriage is not that healthy today, then it is best to check out this marriage advice.

There are a lot of things that you need to keep in mind in order to make sure that your marriage will be successful. For one, whenever you and your spouse end up with an argument on certain things, you need to be the first one to calm down, even when you know that you are right.

On the other hand, if you later on realize that you were wrong, you need to swallow your pride and admit it. Your spouse would not just be happy that you are strong enough to admit that you were wrong, but he or she would also be proud of you for doing that. More importantly, your husband or wife would even respect you more since you are able to display honesty, rather than stubbornness.

If you want a married life that is happy most of the time, then you should always try to see the positive side of things. If you try this out, you will soon realize that you will begin to feel really good, even when it is constantly raining outside, when your luggage gets lost, and so on. When you become more upbeat on things, your spouse would also be able to adapt this, since he or she will also realize that life would be better if you always think positive about it.

This marriage advice is worth taking note of if you want to have a happier life with your spouse. Don’t forget that taking a trip during holidays, special days, and such would also improve your relationship, and you should not stop doing these things even when you grow old.

The Nuts and Bolts

Most married couples believe that finding the one person you’ll want to spend the rest of your life with and ending up with that person is truly a dream come true.

However, as reality sinks in, being with that all-so-perfect person is not enough. Others may think that everything should be easy one you find ‘the one’, but even that is a myth. No matter how compatible the married couple is, they have to make an effort in the relationship in order to make it last.

We often hear a lot of advice on how to keep the marriage as strong and sweet as it was dating back from the newlywed stage. Later on the relevant marriage tips would not be about how to make it feel like the first time anymore, but mainly how to keep it alive, or how ‘to stay afloat’.

Furthermore, we get the advice from a whole lot of people—from our closest families and friends, to professionals such as psychologists and other trusted members of the community. Some of them would be sensible, and so we take them in and try to apply them. Others would just be strange or at times so biased that we cannot even think of them as reasonable marriage tips to begin with. Nonetheless, we can look at other useful marriage tips that would usher in the couples into a healthy, lifelong relationship.

First and foremost, accept that your partner has both good and bad qualities. The good ones are definitely your basis for wanting to end up with the person. The challenge is when you deal with the opposite, especially the ones that annoy you or even make you angry. Some of them might be tolerated depending on how you see it, but when it comes to the more serious ones, this you have to talk it over. Recognizing that your partner is a real person and not some perfect specimen lifted from your fantasy world can really help you in putting things in the proper perspective.

Second, talking things over is another crucial component in having a successful marriage. This involves airing out any issue that is of real concern to the both of you. However, you don’t have to say all your grievances or every little thing that bothers you, unless you want to be petty about it.

Of course, it will be up to the couple on what to consider as petty or not, because what’s petty for one may be a serious matter for the other. Such misunderstanding can be the root of other conflicts.

As for the matters that the couple can talk about, what’s even better than raising problems, is confiding in each other about anything, from as simple as things that happened during the day or as complex as life’s dreams. This will only strengthen the bond which serves as a strong foundation for a lifelong relationship.

Third tip is, find something new to do not only as a couple but as an individual. There should be room for growth together, but at the same time there should be allowance for finding the self. That way the couple won’t get tired of each other and at the same time they could bring in something new to the relationship that comes from honing themselves separately.

Last, learn to forgive. This might be the hardest part, but one of the most important pieces of advice we can have. Forgiving does not mean tolerating the faults, nor does it mean forgetting.

As human beings we are bound to hurt each other due to our weaknesses, but that is an essential part of the relationship. They say that marriage is tested by time—we can only imagine how many times we have asked for forgiveness and to be forgiven. At this point where we are struggling ourselves, it would not hurt to seek some guidance that’s bigger than us, may it be spiritual or other types of intervention.

In summary, we have seen a handful of tips from among the many tips and advice that we may get and still be getting. The bottom line is, it will be up to us on which tips to take in, or better yet, what tips we can come up an share to others that’s based on our very own experiences.

If you want some more great tips on men, women and marriage, as well as just relationships in general, please check out our Satisfying Relationships section by clicking here.


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