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Avoiding the Retirement Bubble

“The Golden Years”. How many of us have heard this term and imagined  scenes in our minds, like bubbles in the air. They include cruises to exotic places, traveling the world, sitting on the beach at sunset enjoying a nice drink or traveling in a luxurious motorhome.

While I hate to burst your retirement bubble, but for many Americans, this is not what they’ll experience.  In June, 2015, the U.S. Government Accountability Office released a detailed report on, among other things, the current financial status of households between the ages of 55 and 64. The main goal was to measure the retirement savings for this group.  The median household approaching retirement has a nest egg of between $10,000 and $20,000. This number is drawn down significantly because 41% of these households have no retirement savings whatsoever.

People with no savings will rely on Social Security to live; 47 percent of single seniors say that 90 percent of their income comes from Social Security. Living on Social Security, with its average payment of $1,235 a month, can hardly be described as ‘doing fine.’ People say this when they don’t want you to worry about them. Maybe somebody should be worrying.  Pride can be a dangerous thing. Seniors have been known to cut their medications in half to make them stretch longer or not turn on the heat to save money.”

In addition, even if people have a more substantial amount saved for retirement there’s another factor to consider. Due to advances in medical care, people are living longer and longer. In the past, people might retire at age 65 and only live another five or seven years. These days, you might live an additional 20 years or maybe even 30!

On the other hand, the cost of some medical treatments can reach astounding amounts. I have a friend who is receiving treatment for cancer, and his medication alone costs $10,000 a month. I’m pretty sure that it’s covered by his insurance, but what if you had to pay for that, or even part of that, out of your own pocket.

For higher income households, one fear is that they would have a harder time qualifying for Medicaid should they have a catastrophic illness or injury that would require a lengthy nursing home stay.  That could wipe out a significant chunk of savings.

Nearly 30 million Americans now live alone.  About one-third of these solo singles are men and women 65 years of age and older.  Data from the Census Bureau reports that 7.5 million senior women and 2.6 million senior men live alone.

So the question becomes “How well can you live on $1235 a month?” Or, if you’re living with your husband or wife, “How well can you live on $2470 a month?” And, if you’re one of the 54% of Americans who don’t have sufficient retirement savings, what would you do if you had an unexpected major expense arise in your life, such as a catastrophic illness, serious injury, substantial damage to your home that was not covered by insurance, etc.

Now, I don’t mean to paint a picture of doom and gloom, and I sincerely hope you have a wonderful retirement. But if you’re one of the people that I have described above it’s time to take a look at other options before it’s too late.

Here’s where I’m going with this thread.

Now is the time to begin creating additional income. Additional income to build your retirement savings, and additional income to continue to create after you retire.

“How am I going to be able to do that?” you will likely say. The answer is through creating income using the Internet.

Your reaction might be “Oh, I don’t know anything about the Internet. I just check my email, and browse the Web.” Let me tell you. If you have average intelligence, the desire, and the willingness to put in some time and effort, you can create Internet income.

Now, I’m going to tell you, unlike many Internet gurus, that you’re not going to start your business today and be rich next week. Or next month. If you’ve seen ads on the Internet about how Joe Smith started his Internet business and in two weeks made $25,000, he probably already had a huge number of people on his mailing list, and just promoted some offer to them.

But if you start an Internet business from square one, it’s going to take some time and work. The good news is that there are many wonderful benefits about creating income on the Internet.

The first is that it’s your business. You can’t get fired. You can’t get laid off. You can’t get downsized. It’s yours. 100%.

The second thing is that as you create more and more income, that money is yours. If you’re like most people, you have and do work for someone else. And you’ve probably thought many times “I just made a ton of money for my boss, and I still get the same low salary.” You probably had times we brought in hundreds or thousands of dollars and still got that same paycheck.

Well, this is a different game. Bring in $1,000; it’s yours! And if you can bring in $1000, then you can bring in $2000 by doing twice as much as what you’ve been doing. You notice I didn’t say by working twice as hard, because in many cases you don’t have to work twice as hard.

Let me give you an example. Let’s say you spend $100 running ads on Facebook, and you get enough response and selling enough product to make $500 profit. Okay, do the math! Duh!  (Just kidding). So next time you spend $200 on ads, and you should make $1000 in profit. And so it goes.

Here at, I will tell you about how you can make money on the Internet, which will allow you to create additional income in your life while you are doing something you enjoy, and which brings benefits to people.  You will learn how you can make extra money to allow you to live a good life now and especially after you retire.  In addition, you can run an Internet business from anywhere that has good Internet connectivity, so you could run your business from in the country, out of the U.S. or even on the road in your RV!

For some of you, to make an extra $500 or $1,000 a month would make a difference, maybe a huge one. Others may be more ambitious and may wish to make $5,000 or more a month above their existing income.

One other benefit is that middle age women can make a great living, the same as middle age men.  No glass ceiling here.  In fact, because these days, because people on the Internet are looking for honest communication, women can have an edge in this area, as they tend to be more open with their feelings.  This makes it easier for them to connect with people, especially other women.

This site is for middle age men and women, and I obviously can’t know your age.  But if you are of middle age, that is between 45-65, this is a great time for you to start building an Internet business and your retirement income and savings.  You likely already have some income, so you won’t be under the pressure to have to make money right away.  You will also probably have some funds that you can use to work on your business until you find your niche and get it optimized.

Let me tell you a story I read not long ago. It was about a retired couple who really wanted to get out of the winter cold and take a nice vacation in Florida every year. The problem was, they were barely making enough to cover their living expenses. They decided that they would create a Website which was for people who are interested in poetry.

Now, poetry is not what I would call a “hot market”. But poetry was what they loved.  So they set up their Website, and charged people $4.95 a month membership. Although it took them several years to build up their member list, they eventually had 20,000 members. This means that they were generating $100,000 a month. Needless to say, instead of just vacationing in Florida, they bought a home in Florida and moved there.

Another story I read was of a lady who loved quilting. She set up a quilting website which included quilting supplies, books, instructional videos, etc. It took her time and a fair amount of work to get her website to a place where was generating good income, and the last I heard, she was making more than $40,000 a month.

Finally, here’s a link to an article about 12 bloggers who are making from $12,000 a month to $182,000 a month!
In case you’re not familiar with blogging, a blog is a discussion or informational site published on the Internet consisting of short articles, usually displayed with the newest one first.  A lot of people have blogs just to put up info for their friends or followers, and the blogger writes about either what’s going on in their life, or about some topic, such as gardening, hiking or making money online.  Here’s a link to a blogging book in our online store:

Now I’ll have to tell you that the above results are way over the top for most people making money on the Internet.  Yes, some people make a 7-figure monthly income, but many people who try to make money on the Internet do not do well.  There are a lot of dabblers who don’t really try, and they probably make less than $100 a month.  Then there are people who are putting in some effort, but are just not doing following a plan.  Maybe they have a blog and some FaceBook follower, sell a few things now and again, and may be making$300-$600 a month.

Then, there are people who have studied Internet Marketing (IM), follow a plan, stay up with what’s happening, and market intelligently. By “marketing intelligently” I mean they are doing things like using software to see where they are getting traffic from, where visitors are leaving their Website, what squeeze pages work best, etc. They are using 2016 marketing techniques such as FaceBook advertising, YouTube videos, etc.  These are the people who are making from $1,200-$2,500 a month and up.

Don’t miss this opportunity. If you just think “Yes, this seems really interesting. I’ll have to check it out someday”, someday will likely never come. Instead, you may have the unfortunate experience of being in a terrible financial situation, and have thought come to your mind “Oh, I guess I should’ve checked out that Internet income thing”, but it may just be too late by then.

So take a few minutes right now and go to the Financial Abundance section of this Website, and learn more about creating financial abundance for now for the future. Click here to go to that section.  You’ll be glad you did.


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