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Group Coaching

Welcome to the Group Coaching section.  The group coaching is an important part of our 13-step program, as it allows me ot interact with you, and also allows me to share the latest information I have.

The MiddleAge.Org Website is pretty big.  Last I checked it was over 70,000 words!  And I have just put a fraction of what I know in there.  I’m not bragging, and there are lots of people who know more than me, but I do know a lot.  My friend Scott wrote in his testimonial “Even after 40 years, I am still constantly amazed by the depth and breadth of (Brian’s) knowledge.”

I’ll be putting some of it into my newsletters, but there’s still a lot that will remain unsaid.  Plus, I don’t really know for sure what you want to know.  And so I will be having group coaching sessions.  They will be live, that is, we will setup the call, and then I will answer the questions of the people on the call.

I will also take questions by email to have in reserve in case there are not enough people and questions to fill the hour that I will allot for the call.  This may be more the case in the early calls, but as the newsletter list grows, and more people are invited to the calls, I feel confident we’ll have plenty of questions to be answered.

My intention is to allow one question per participant until everyone has had a chance to ask, or until we run out of time.  Once everybody has had a turn, if there is still time left, then people can ask more questions.

I hope this will be highly beneficial to everyone.  In addition, I will be archiving these calls so people who were not able to attend the live will be able to hear them.  I will also use insights I get from the calls to decide what new materials and features I will add to the Website.

Once I have enough people signed up for the newsletter, I will announce the calls, so if you want to have them come sooner, refer your friends to the site and have them signup for the newsletter.

I look forward to speaking with you.

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