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Outsourcing Blueprint


Revealed Now – What The Gurus Have Known For Years –

There Are Only So Many Hours In A Day


The good news is, you don’t have to be a guru our even full-time online – anyone can start maximising their profits by outsourcing work to freelancers, and best of all…

With the ‘Outsourcing Blueprint’ you could find that you recoup the cost of outsourcing your work dozens of times over, while having more free time and money than you ever thought possible!

Outsourcing is a scary thing if you’ve never done it.

But once you’ve lost your outsourcing ‘innocence’ you’ll wonder why you didn’t start assigning the everyday, mundane or downright impossible-seeming tasks to professional freelancers years ago!

You can’t do everything in your own business -at least not for long – without either cracking up or breaking down.

Trying to be a web designer, accountant, writer, coder, JV broker, list-builder and everything would be pretty impossible even if there were 100 hours in each day not just 24!

And of course you’d also have to have superhuman motivation when it comes to doing those jobs you hate. Some people hate writing, others hate anything to do with websites. Some find it impossible to write decent sales copy or install software or scripts.

Which is where the difference between successful marketers and people who are just ‘playing’ begin.

The successful marketer realizes that he needs help – he needs to focus on what he’s best at and outsource the other work to freelancers.

The ‘player’ continues to do everything himself, and soon the cracks start appearing in his business. Pretty soon he finds it impossible to hold it all together and the whole lot comes tumbling down round his feet.

But what if you realize that you’re the player, and you want to start outsourcing parts of your business to other people before the crack start showing – before it’s too late?

It’s all very well saying ‘start outsourcing’ – but to most marketers who’ve never done it before, it’s absolutely terrifying – in fact there are few things that scare the average internet marketer more than stepping out of his comfort zone and into new territory.

And if you get it wrong, outsourcing can be a costly, depressing and thoroughly discouraging experience.

Many people try to use professional freelancers only to find they’re actually dealing with amatuers who don’t really have the skills they say they or, or worse, outright con men.

Fortunately there is help at hand.



Outsourcing Blueprint

With ‘Outsourcing Blueprint’ we’ll tell you exactly WHY you should outsource, where to find reliable freelancers, what sort of work is best suited to outsourcing and what you shouldn’t go near…

In fact we’re going to ease you through the whole outsourcing process as painlessly and easily as possible – because it’s like doing a parachute jump. Once you’ve got the first one under your belt, you’ll never look back, and your life – at least as a marketer – will never be the same. If you outsource the rights tasks in the right way it can make a huge difference to your income, and your free time. Both of which, I’m sure you’ll agree are why most people get into internet marketing in the first place.

If you’re serious about moving your business forward, you need to know about outsourcing. You need an outsourcing blueprint

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