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Internet Marketer’s Guide to Outsourcing Your Business


ATTENTION: Anyone who has a business online…

“Discover How You Too Can Get More Done Quicker, Easier, Better And Save Time By Getting Other People To Do The Work You’re Absolutely a Dummy at or Just Hate Doing and Start Making More Profits!”

Picture Yourself Spending More Time Doing The Things You Love, Like Playing Golf, and Spending More Time With Your Loved Ones While Other People Are Working Hard For You…

Do you ever wonder why some people are successful business online and others are struggling just to get one of their projects done?

Do you feel like a monkey who looks like “the-one-man-band”, hitting the drums and playing the flute and piano at the same time to entertain people?

Do you feel so overwhelmed by all the work which needs to get done, but you procrastinate because of it instead?

  • What if you could get other people who are skilled in:

  • Creating Web pages

  • Programming

  • Graphics design

  • Writing content, reports and ebooks for you

  • Accounting and bookkeeping

  • Customer support and answering your emails

  • Optimize your website for search engines

  • Schedule maintenance

  • Organizing your flight

  • Photography

  • and more!

Well, thanks to today’s technology and rapidly growing Internet community, you can outsource almost any work.

Is Outsourcing a Waste of Time and Money?

If you own an Internet business, surely you know there are many costs involved. Aside from the common cost of web hosting, domains and company email addresses, there are many other expenditures you need to consider.

With all of these costs to consider, outsourcing may initially look like just another mark on your general ledger. Keep in mind that when you use outsourcing, in most cases you will only need to pay for the services you receive on an individual basis.

Most people who run traditional brick-and mortar businesses typically have much more financial overhead. They must pay for a building to lease or buy, utility bills, phone book listings, as well as the salary they must pay their employees.

Outsourcing should be looked at as more of an investment versus an overhead cost. This is because the services you use will be something that your business can keep forever. For example, if you’re selling ebooks, having one person write an ebook for you at a one-time price can bring you a lifetime of residual income.

But Be Careful…

How would you know whether the freelance worker you’re hiring is reliable?

How would you know if they’re not just taking your money and fleeing?

How can you benefit and take advantage of outsourcing?

What specifications do you need to give to the freelance worker?

Well, that’s why I’ve written a book which details everything you need to know about outsourcing online.


The Internet Marketer’s Guide To:

Outsourcing Your Business


This 19-page book reveals everything you need to know about outsourcing your online business. There’s no fluff, just information you need to know to maximize and take advantage of the power of outsourcing.

Here’s just some of the things you’ll discover in this book:

In-depth information of outsourcing and why it’s the perfect time to outsource your business
Exactly, what to look for when hiring a freelance worker to do your work
Why you shouldn’t pay upfront before you even receive what you wanted
How and why outsourcing has increased dramatically over the past few years
How outsourcing and hiring people online works
How you can set your own budget for a project or task you’d like done
How outsourcing is a tool for investment
How outsourcing can actually save you time and money versus doing everything in your business on your own.
A list of best sites and places to outsource your business
A list of things you can outsource
Why outsourcing freelance workers can be more of an advantage than hiring an employee or staff
Exactly, what should be included when submitting your project to freelance workers and sites
Tips and tactics of getting your projects/tasks done for cheaper
Why you shouldn’t be afraid of outsourcing
and much, much more!

Outsourcing is The Smartest Decision You’ll Ever Make in Your Online Business Venture

Just imagine this – you’re laying outside at the beach or at the park enjoying the beautiful sunny blue sky, while people are doing all the hard work for you.

How would you feel knowing when you arrive back home and all the work’s done for you? Customer queries have been answered, your articles are written and submitted, your webpage or blog has been updated or whatever task you’d like done.

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