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How to Setup and Use The Paypal Sandbox



Testing is one of the most important things you can do to ensure success.
make sure you extend this to your payment and delivery process or you will have a huge problem.
professional business practices count. You only get one chance to make a first impression. make it a good one!

We all know that without happy customers a business is doomed to failure.
If a business has customers who are dissatisfied with their products or services they lose out on repeat business – and will ultimately wither away until they disappear.

However on the other hand if a customer has a good buying experience and are satisfied with the products or services they paid for they will become a customer for life. Think of the value of this loyal customer to that business.

On line business is no different. You need to strive to make the process of purchasing your excellent products or services as straight forward as possible.

This is easily done by using the worlds number one on line payment processor for small business and individuals – Paypal. Paypal has all the tools and resources that you need to automate your selling process and make it extremely simple for the buyer.

Paypal also has something else that not a lot of people know about. It is called the Paypal Sandbox. Many less tech savvy people don’t know that this even exists – let alone what it is.

The Paypal Sandbox allows you to use a fully functional test environment to test your payment flow and make sure everything works as it should. This enables you to avoid the embarrassment of having a download page that doesn’t load and ultimately makes you money because of less refund requests and happier customers.

Without the Paypal Sandbox you would have to place a real order from another credit card or Paypal account to test the transaction. It is much easier to set up your test accounts and test your sites in the test environment – where no money changes hands.

Well – today is your lucky day! I have put together a video series that shows you how to prepare your site and set up and use the Paypal sandbox for Website Payments Standard. You can be testing your own sites in the next thirty minutes.

You will see how to use it in simple situations (like taking a payment and routing to a download page upon successful payment). I will also show you how to integrate Paypal’s advanced features for use in scripts like membership scripts. (Specifically S2member, but the process is the same for other scripts).

These Videos show you how to set it all up and start using it today!

– How to set up your Paypal Sandbox Account.
– How to set up your test accounts for both sides of the transaction (buy / sell)
– How to run through a simple payment cycle to test your payment flow.
– Testing your payment flow with DLGuard
– Use advanced payment functions in scripts. (Like IPN, API signatures and Auto Return.

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