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One mistake many people make when starting a home workout is to not make a plan in advance. They buy expensive equipment which they really do not need, or believe that they must do certain kinds of exercises which they truly dislike. While many make this mistake because they believe that whatever is currently popular is the method they must try, others do not realize that a home workout is meant to be fun! You can avoid both of these mistakes by making a workout plan that is right for you.

The first point to consider is what you, yourself, enjoy. If you do not choose routines which you enjoy doing, you might dislike it so much that you quit. You may force yourself to continue doing them, while hating every minute of it. Instead, by focusing on the types of routines which interest you the most, you will be well-motivated each time you do your routines, enjoy them much more, and move closer and closer to your goals.

The second point to think about is your own particular needs. While this will be discussed further in later chapters, it is something which you should consider. Is your main priority to develop “six-pack” abs, to change a flabby body into lean muscle, or to gain overall strength? When you address your goals, it will be easier to choose the workout which focuses on these goals.

The third point is expense. While you may be thinking of a home workout as a less-costly alternative to joining a gym or hiring a personal trainer, if you are tempted to buy all of the latest home exercise equipment you may be dismayed to find that these costs are even higher. When you decide on the equipment that is necessary for your home workout, you can keep the expense at a minimum.

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