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Balancing Truth, Love and Power

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The Balancing Truth, Love and Power book is derived from one of the most famous authors in the area of personal development, Steve Pavlina.

The key point of this book is to understand Steve Pavlina’s principles and apply it in a concise and straightforward way in your life. The ideas in this book are not endorsed by Steve Pavlina but are merely a take on the principles, how it works – especially for the Internet era.

In this book, Steve talks about the 7 principles in terms of effective development, and if you apply the strategies and principles, you will be amazed with the wonders they can potentially bring to your life. The book lays down a very firm foundation for the readers to understand the root causes on the things that they do.

For instance, at times you will see people talking about the big plans of their lives but after a few years, you never happen to see them coming to pass. What are the reasons behind it? Also, do you really know the motivation behind a person who is courageous? What are some of the things that are actually stopping you from being who you want to be today?

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