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Are you ready to quickly attract loyal followers while simplifying your strategy down to its core?

“Find Out How You Can Quickly Be An Article Marketing Superhero – Even If You’re Brand New
To Internet Marketing!”

You’re just finding out about “information overload”, your mind whirling between all the courses, membership sites, free trials and eBooks you’ve already downloaded or tried.

You’ve even forgotten a few you’ve actually bought. (And you thought that sort of memory trick didn’t happen till you hit 65!)

You wish there was an easy way to become successful and wealthy for the skills and talents you already have – but you’ve got to admit, you might be a little bit intimidated by the competition.

And frankly, all the good stuff you’d like to talk about seems to be already “taken”.

How can you lead, when you have the feeling you’re way behind the parade?

And you simply don’t have the sort of traffic that those emails keep saying you need!

STOP – Don’t Put Your Cart Before Your Horse

Yes, the secret is in the list – but the list is no good if you’ve got nothing to give them yet.

It’s a painful fact that they’ve got no reason to trust you. No reason to eagerly wait for your emails or posts.

And even worse, you know it’s going to be a while before you’ve created that eBook. (You’re still trying to master making videos, while being bombarded with new information every time you turn round.)

What you really need is a marketing strategy – in fact you urgently need to discover…

The single most powerful strategy for building web presence, credibility and trust

Introducing Article Marketing Superhero


If you’re new to internet marketing or you’ve simply never been involved with article marketing before you’re missing out on one of the most compete and effective tools that any online marketer can use!

Once You’ve Got Involved With Article Marketing I Promise You, You’ll Kick Yourself For Not Doing It YEARS Ago!

But let’s admit – it’s easy to be a little bit intimidated, if you’re not used to writing your own material.

Well the little-known truth is, there’s more than one way to start a focused, targeted Article Marketing campaign.

You just need to know and learn:

– The difference between “marketing your articles” and “marketing with articles”

– 2 twin purposes of article marketing that equally benefit you and your reader

– 3 proven advantages that Article Marketing offers – particularly to new marketers

– 5 disastrous disadvantages of skipping even one Article Marketing step

– The right way to market with Articles – and the other right way (and when to use which method)

– The absolutely crucial free benefit that’s often all too easily overlooked

But all these factors are actually pretty basic. You need to dig even deeper, and help yourself to master all the nuances – by simplifying the process.

Some of the factors involved:

– 6 vital components you have to know like the back of your hand, if you’re going to market with articles

– 6 steps of preparation you absolutely have to take – and you have to do them right – the very first time

– The single most dangerous thing to do, when you’re trying to write a good article

– Why mistakenly doing it will dramatically reduce the good results you want

– 4 “must-include” steps to writing a powerful article – and the single extra necessary step that too many marketers ignore or skimp

– The problem of keyword saturation in the market place – and how to get around this (for free)

– What makes a powerful Resource Box – and why you really need one

– The single most important thing you must do, if you’re planning to use an internet article for research – and the single most important thing you must never do!

– 2 “behind the scenes” secrets of Article Directories that will help you anticipate and avoid getting into hot water

The beauty of a properly-run Article Marketing campaign? You learn one step ahead of your readers.

And there are ways to make it painless and foolproof – if you follow these steps gleaned from the top-ranking “pro’s”.

Do You Know The Difference Between “Marketing Articles” and “Marketing With Articles”?

It doesn’t matter whether you’re the world’s most brilliant writer in the world – or you can barely spell. (That’s what spell checkers are for): There is more than one way to mount a brilliant Article Marketing campaign.

One that really speaks with your voice – and establishes you as a trusted advisor and marketing friend.

You need to learn secrets like:

blue arrow The secret to using PLR – without getting kicked off any Directories

blue arrow The secret 3rd alternative to PLR or writing it yourself (no, it’s not “hiring a ghostwriter”, though what I’m about to present does cover that too)
blue arrow The single most important thing you have to know, before you can successfully use PLR

– The single most powerful reason you should be Article Marketing at all

– The 3 things you must include, to suck people into your text – and one you must get rid of

– The secret to using images – and knowing when not to use them

– 3 powerful techniques for generating article ideas that will soon become as much a habit as brushing your teeth

– 8 teeming-with-subjects places to find ideas, when your brain stubbornly refuses to kick-start on its own

– 2 more killer techniques for coming up with “Top Ten” articles – and the hottest place to announce them

– The single most important action you must take, before investing in any package of PLR

– 3 ways to make sure you don’t get ripped off – before you ever download that PLR package

– PLR’s not-so-obvious trait that may shock you – if you don’t know what you’re looking at – or why

It can take years to learn all the ins and outs of even one Internet Marketing method. Years to know what tricks to use and what to avoid. But you don’t have that luxury.

You need to be earning money now – as in today!

You’d Really Like A Marketing Method That Won’t Take You A Full Year (And Membership Fees) To Completely Learn And Master

So that’s why I’ve taken everything I know about the most powerful method of creating real credibility, and condensed it down into this crystal-clear, easy to read Special Report.

My Ebook “Article Marketing Superhero” will give you the reasons and principles behind this powerful method of marketing – and all the “How To” you need.

I remember exactly what it was like to stand where you are, right now – and I have to tell you honestly, I wish someone had written this for me too, back then.

(I wouldn’t have wasted so much time, learning to master other, much harder marketing techniques and methods!)

Remember – there’s even more (but it’s set out so simply, it isn’t going to overwhelm you.) Points like:

– How to make sure you won’t be penalized, if Google finds that dreaded “duplicate content”

– 3 killer types of articles sure to grab your readers – every time

– 2 ways to make sure your outsourcing venture gets off on the right foot – and the one fact you must always remember

– The other powerful outsourcing resource that may save you hours of research

– The single most important way to make sure your ghostwriter speaks with your voice (if you decide to use one)

– 5 simple but powerful ways to rework your own (and other people’s) articles – without copying or plagiarizing (or doing anything unethical) at all

– The only time you can get away with writing 3 words together first contained in someone else’s article

– 4 important but simple points to tell your ghostwriter up front – if you want dynamite, unique content as a result of outsourcing

– 5 online links and strategies that can help you organize – your articles, campaign and thoughts

– 3 commonly overlooked tools top writers never neglect

– The single most important action you must take, before submitting your finished Article to any Directory

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